Dear participants and visitors to the Photonics Exhibition,

In the frames of the business-related programme of the Photonics. World of Lasers and Optics'2014 exhibition we invite you to attend the conferences on the following subjects:

  • Conference on Element Base of Photonics
  • Conference on Photonics in Medicine and Life Sciences
  • Conference on Control of Optical Radiation
  • Conference on Laser Technology and Techniques in Manufacturing Industry
  • Conference on Laser Information Systems
  • Conference on Optical Connections and Telecommunications
  • Conference on Photonics in Navigation and Geodesy
  • Conference on Laser Diodes, LEDs, Photonics in Nanotechnology
  • Conference on Photonics in Agriculture and Natural Resources Management
  • Conference on Optoelectronic Technologies
  • Conference on Photonics: Science-Based Instrument Making
  • And other accompanying events

Download the full version of the business programme