Event program

PHOTONICS 2021 event program


 10:3012:30  Forum Pavilion, Southern Hall
Convention of the Expert Council under the State Duma Commission on the Legal Development of DI Organisations
 12:3013:30  Forum Pavilion, Southern Hall
Opening ceremony of the exhibition in the Forum Pavilion
 13.3015.00  Forum Pavilion, Southern Hall
Public meeting of the Scientific and Technical Council of the Laser Association, Secretariat of the Russian Photonics Technology Platform, Photonics Working Group under the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, Expert Council under the State Duma of the Russian Federation.
 15:0017:00  Forum Pavilion, Southern Hall
Scientific - practical conferences of the IX Congress of the Photonics Technology Platform

Laser Production Technologies (WG3)
Chairman - V.M. Levshakov, Deputy Director of the Shipbuilding Technology firm.


  • Report on the results of work of the working group 3 of 2019.
  • Development of scientific bases for creation of principally new high-strength functional-gradient heterogeneous materials by laser welding methods and additive technologies.
  • Laser additive and welding technology.
  • The role of laser technology in the digital transformation of shipbuilding.
  • Laser impact treatment of aluminum alloys.
  • State of the regulatory framework required for practical use of laser metal processing technologies in the Russian industry.
  • Specifics of fiber laser welding technology.
  • Specifics of laser cladding and fiberglass heat hardening
  • Application of laser systems produced by IRE-Polus in the Russian industry.
  • 6 kW automated diode laser technology complex for surface local heat treatment, cladding, alloying and automated prepreg placement.
  • Current state and prospects of solving practical issues of laser safety.
  • Marking by a fiber MOPA laser (method of laser construction, comparison of results, advantages).

 15:0017:00  Forum Pavilion, Marble Hall
Semiconductor Photonics and Nanophotonics (WG8)

Chairman - G.S. Sokolovsky, head of the laboratory of the Ioffe Institute


  • Current trends in the development of near infrared semiconductor lasers.
  • Parcell's effect on plasma structures based on metamaterials.
  • Powerful pulsed quantum cascade lasers of the medium infrared range.
  • Powerful semiconductor lasers based on AlGaInAs/InP heterostructures.
  • Modern Systems of Diode Laser Pump
  • Photodiodes for Pulsed Laser Range Photoreceivers.
  • Powerful multidiode pumping systems for femtosecond lasers and titanium amplifiers in sapphire.
  • Discussions on the activities and current tasks (WG8).

 15:0017:00  Forum Pavilion, Violet Hall
Optical materials and components (SG1.1)

Chairman - L.N. Arkhipova, Chief Optician of the Vavilov State Optical Institute.


  • Prospects and practical possibilities of creation of a reference set and verification installation for certification of the basic test glasses of the first class (GOST 2786-82) on the basis of use of the axial synthesized holograms as optical samples.
  • Problems and specifics of organisation of serial and mass production of lenses and mirrors with surfaces of any shape, including free-form, by means of precision replication for visible and infrared spectral regions.
  • Wavelength conversion and control of coherent radiation by means of crystals and thin films with a regular domain structure.
  • Integrated optics on lithium niobate: new developments and applications.
  • Electrically switching planar liquid crystal elements for integrated photonics applications
  • Photonics components based on gradient-activated crystals.
  • The use of highly reliable piezoactuators.
  • Promising medium infrared solid-state laser sources.
  • Fiber laser with high quality of output radiation and power of 1 kW of joint production of JSC "LSS" and Russian Federal Nuclear Centre-VNIITF.
  • Manufacturing and application of off-axis synthesized holograms for optical control tasks of free-form optics and adjustment of complex optical systems.
  • SG1.1 activities in 2019 and plans for 2020.

 15:0017:00  Forum Pavilion, Yellow Hall
Working meeting of the founders of the Eurasian TP "Photonics"


Plenary meeting of the IX Congress of Photonics Technology Platform
 11:0012:00  Forum Pavilion, Violet Hall
Presentation of new developments in optical, optical-electrical, radio-frequency and high-frequency connectors by the Soedinitel Company
 12:0014:00  Forum Pavilion, Southern Hall
Scientific and practical conferences of the IX Congress of Photonics Technology Platform
Photonics in Agriculture and Environmental Management (WG5)

Chairman Y. N. Kulchin, Academic Director of the Institute of Automation and Control Processes


  • Welcome speech. I.M. Donnik (RAS), S.V. Popov (Shvabe).
  • Agrobiophotonics as a tool for the implementation of the programme for the development of the agricultural sector in Russia.
  • Development of Kaluga Region Agricultural Holding and the Role of Artificial Lighting.
  • Tasks of FSTP Agrobiophotonics.
  • Light-driven green crop development.
  • LED technology for agrobiophotonics.
  • Artificial lighting. Achievements in the field of photonics.
  • Agrobiophotonics as a tool for creating robotic urban farms and smart greenhouses.
  • Light influence of different spectral composition on plant development in vitro culture.
  • Dynamic control of plant lighting using microalgae as an example.
  • LED lighting systems for the protected ground industry.
  • Light and Nutrition of Ether-Oil Plants.
  • Agrobiophotonics Laboratory of Perm Federal Research Centre of the Ural Branch of RAS: prospects of development.

 12:0014:00  Forum Pavilion, Marble Hall
Radio Photonics (SG 7.2)

Chairman - V.V. Valuev (RC Module)


  • Lithium niobate modulator to 40 GHz.
  • Optical frequency comb generation.
  • Development of a microwave optogenerator.
  • X-band modulator based on indium phosphide.
  • Distributed feedback laser development
  • Analog-to-digital photonic devices for radio engineering systems: current state and practical application issues.
  • Radio photonics: component base, ready-made systems, measuring equipment.
  • Radio photonics in India

 12:0014:00  Forum Pavilion, Yellow Hall
Fiber optic cables and fiber optic components (SG1.2)

Chairman - S.L. Semyonov, Head of RAS Scientific Centre of Fiber Optics


  • State and prospects of development of Russia's first plant for the production of telecommunication optical fibre
  • Experience in developing special fiber optic cables of Perm Scientific-Industrial Instrument Making Company
  • Special fiber developments of RAS Scientific Centre of Fiber Optics and Institute of High Purity Chemistry
  • Single-frequency fiber lasers with continuous and pulse generation mode.
  • Fiber laser with high quality of output radiation and power of 1 kW of joint production of JSC "LSS" and Russian Federal Nuclear Centre-VNIITF.
  • Optical elements based on photo-active microcapillary structures.
  • Research of the spectral characteristics of multiport alloy optical splitters.
  • Optical docking of acousto-optical modulator to fiber collimators.

 12:0014:00  Forum Pavilion, Yellow Hall
Seminar-presentation of LLC "Laser Center"
 14:0016:00  Forum Pavilion, Southern Hall
Scientific and Technological Centre meeting on biomedical photonics (WG4)
 16:0018:00  Forum Pavilion, Southern Hall
Meeting of 296
 16:0018:00  Forum Pavilion, Marble Hall
Round table "Training for Photonics and its Applications
 16:0018:00  Forum Pavilion, Violet Hall
Optical sensor (SG 6.4)

Chairman - A.V. Zarenbin, Director General of FORCPhotonics group


  • SG 6.4 results of 2019 and tasks of 2020
  • Technological monitoring of critical infrastructure facilities using coherent reflectometry and signal processing based on neural networks. Experience in monitoring oil and gas pipelines, wells, power transmission lines, railway facilities and telecommunication lines.
  • Capabilities of fiber brag grids recorded by femtosecond laser radiation.
  • Advanced Fiber Sensors for Medical Diagnostics.
  • Fiber sensors for high frequencies of sound.
  • FORCPhotonics group experience in the development of fiber-optic sensors


 10:0013:00  Forum Pavilion, Southern Hall
Scientific and practical conferences of the IX Congress of Photonics Technology Platform
"Metrological support for photonics" (WG 2)

Chairman - V.N. Krutikov, Academic Director of VNIIOFI.
Welcome speech
V.N. Krutikov (VNIIOFI)


  • Priority directions of development of metrological support of technologies and products of photonics (Results of WG2 activity in 2019, plans for 2020.
  • Luminescence Metrology.
  • State and prospects of metrological support of measurements of high-intensity laser radiation parameters.
  • Metrological support for components of quantum cryptography systems.
  • Digital simulation for virtual optical instruments.
  • Application of analog fiber-optic communication lines in measuring transducers of tension of pulsed electromagnetic fields.
  • Metrological support for optical measuring video systems.
  • Metrological support for domestic optical fiber parameters. Cut-off Wavelength.
  • Application of electro-optical string-camera for measuring time parameters of nano- and picosecond lasers pulses.
  • Experimental communication between of optical power unit and mass.
  • Moisture-resistant infrared visual analysers for controlling large aperture laser beams.
  • Application of fiber optic technology to verify meteorological lidars operational parameters.
  • The application of highly reliable piezoactuators.

 10:0013:00  Forum Pavilion, Marble Hall
Quantum Technologies (SG 7.3)

Chairman - V.I. Belotelov (Russian Quantum Centre)


  • Analysis of Subgroup 7.3 Quantum Technologies work results of 2019.
  • Quantum measurements in laser gravity wave detectors.
  • Powerful multidiode pumping systems for femtosecond lasers and titanium amplifiers in sapphire.
  • Lasers on surface electromagnetic waves: an integral part of the coming photon age
  • Nanotechnology Centre for Smart Photonics in Skoltech.
  • Quantum communications in Russia today.
  • Quantum key distribution to protect drones.
  • Truly a single photon source to implement quantum key distribution protocols.
  • Practical safety of quantum cryptography systems.

 10:0013:00  Forum Pavilion, Violet Hall
Laser Information Systems (WG 6)

Chairman - E.V. Kuznetsov, Director General of JSC "Polyus Research Institute of M.F. Stelmakh".


  • WG6 work results in 2019 and tasks in 2020
  • Laser scanner for measuring vehicle dimensions.
  • Robotic blinding optics automatic detection system.
  • Monitoring and mapping of anomalies in the Earth's gravitational field using passive laser probes, orbital and ground-based laser measurement stations, Glonass K laser equipment, and gravimetric tools of land and marine geodetic testing sites.
  • Adaptive systems for remote transmission of laser power streams.
  • Laser technologies of co-ordinate-temporal support of lunar colonization on the basis of complex use of onboard and ground laser facilities GLONASS, as well as laser equipment and passive reflectors of lunar and moon basing.
  • Prospects for an onboard laser Doppler air velocity meter.
  • Highly effective methods of detection and identification of substances based on pulsed THz spectroscopy.

 10:0013:00  Forum Pavilion, Yellow Hall
Seminar-presentation of LLC "Lasers and Hardware".
 14:0016:00  Forum Pavilion, Southern Hall
Modern optoelectronic systems (SG 6.2)

Chairmen - V.P. Lukin (RAS Institute of Atmospheric Optics), M.V. Khoroshev (MIGAiK University), S.M. Shandarov (TUSUR University)


  • "Tasks and actions of the sub-working group "Modern optoelectronic systems" in 2019-2020".
  • Opportunities and limitations in focusing laser beams in turbulent atmosphere (author's publications 1989-2019).
  • Light diffraction on regular blast furnace structures in lithium niobate and tantalum segmental electrode crystals.
  • Technology for the coherent addition of fiber laser matrix radiation and its applications.
  • Almaz laser complexes
  • Wavefront holographic sensors.
  • Polarization laser location of mirrored pinnate clouds.
  • Precision optoelectronic and laser angular systems.
  • Analytical calculation of functions of influence of drives of rectangular deformable mirror in the model of point pushers.
  • Components and assemblies of high-performance medium IR solid-state laser systems for atmospheric sensing, needs and possibilities.

 14:0016:00  Forum Pavilion, Marble Hall
Fiber-optical transmission lines and their components (SG 7.1).

Chairman - O.E. Naniy (LLC "T8")


  • New developments of DWDM communication systems in Russia.
  • Fiber optic line reliability assessment
  • A new class of quartz multi-mode optical fibers with extremely large core diameters for multigigabit on-board and industrial data transmission networks for various applications. A.V. Burdin, V.A. Burdin (Povolzhski State University of Telecommunications and Informatics)
  • Development of passive and active components of fiber optic DWDM communication systems.
  • Using of FM discriminator to measure the chirp.
  • Integral photonic components for optical communication systems. S.M. Shandarov (TUSUR University)
  • Optimization of power consumption and capacity of communication systems with transmitters based on electro-absorption modulators.
  • Fiber amplifiers with remote optical pumping for ultra-long communication links
  • Subgroup activities and tasks in 2020

 14:0016:00  Forum Pavilion, Violet Hall
Russian-Chinese seminar Precision laser processing


 10:0012:00  Forum Pavilion, Marble Hall
Scientific and practical conferences of the IX Congress of Photonics Technology Platform "Holographic Technology" (SG 6.5)

Chairman - S.B. Odinokov (Moscow State Technical University named after N.E. Bauman)


  • Shift speckle interferometry by phase step.
  • Direct laser recording technology to form harmonic lenses with few quantization levels.
  • Application of micro-mirror spatial light modulators for high-speed operational implementation of holographic diffraction elements.
  • Measurement of the wave front curvature of laser radiation by digital holography.
  • Dynamic holography and its application.

 10:0012:00  Forum Pavilion, Violet Hall
Photonics units and devices for research and analysis (SG1.4)

Chairman - V. E. Pozhar (STC up RAS)


  • Modern spectral modules on acousto-optical filters for optical instruments.
  • Heterodyne laser interferometers in measuring and controlling geometric parameters of engineering products.
  • Robotic system of optical details processing
  • New modulators and laser frequency shifters.
  • A new powerful pulsed triple-wave (RGB) laser source for research work.
  • Optoacoustic methods and equipment for research and analysis of opaque objects and materials.
  • New pyrometers for measuring the temperature of shiny surfaces of complex (non-standard) objects with solar radiation autocompensation.
  • Discussion on the activities and current challenges of Subgroup 1.4

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