R.F. Kurunov, Director General of Vavilov State Optical Institute, St. Petersburg
…I am pleased to note a strong professional interest in different events of Photonics 2014, particularly in the conference on Element Base of Photonics where I have the honor of chairing. Interesting reports and numerous representatives from many companies encourage our optimism. As for the exhibition, it is impossible not to note the increased number of participants. The overall impression on the trade show is very positive.

Å.V. Burmistrov, Head of Department of SPP, NPK, Moscow
If we compare this exhibition with similar ones, there are many casual visitors there, whose interest in the displayed exhibits is also ‘casual’. At his exhibition we mostly deal with specialists. They ask specific questions; one can feel professional interest.

À. Nizamutdinov, Director of Ultraviolet Solutions, Kazan
We are not for the first time here and I cannot but say that Photonics is developing without doubt. The number of exhibitors grows, new participants take part. It is the only specialized exhibition in Russia of such a high level in the field of photonics. Nearly all the companies from the laser and optics area are represented here. Foreign share is large enough. It is a wonderful venue for communication, exchange of views, demonstration of accomplishments, and establishment of business contacts. We are pleased with the number, profile and activity of the visitors. As a whole, we are quite satisfied with our participation in the trade fair and plan to take part in this event in the future.

V. Lisochenko, President of LIMO, Dortmund, Germany
My company has already participated in the exhibition but I am here for the first time. I feel remarkable buoyancy at the Russian market. Many companies either have settled or keep developing. Anyway, the trade show is very interesting. I am going to return to Russia and work here. Now in Saratov we launch manufacturing of micro optics and plan manufacturing of lasers.

A. Ryabtsev, Senior Researcher of Stepanov Institute of Physics NASB, Minsk
The impression on the exhibition is very good. Visitors show heir interest; new contacts are established. We take part in Photonics for the second time. Last year’s participation was fruitful: we began cooperating with some companies and made a few contracts. We are satisfied with the organization of the event. I am very grateful to the organizers.

Yu. Rogalsky, Director General of Bulat, Moscow
Here are a lot of our customers: current and potential. It is a great opportunity to communicate, exchange ideas, showcase your accomplishments, and learn about achievements of other companies. We are glad to see the increased number of participants in spite of the international events. The industry grows dynamically, we clearly understand that. Lots of visitors are both consumers of our equipment and suppliers of components for it. In my opinion, participation in such exhibitions is very useful. It helps to analyze the situation on the market and improve developments. Our industry develops rapidly worldwide and we should not fall behind.

A. Konyaschenko, Director General of Avesta Project, Moscow
Extending of Photonics in both quantity and quality is striking. New interesting participants have appeared but old ones hold their own. There are many foreign companies. The exhibition provides a great opportunity for making new contacts. It seems to me that the best possible format of the exhibition has been developed over the last years and we thank the organizers for it.

D. Volkov, VP Business Development, Integrated Technologies, Ltd., St. Petersburg
We have positive impressions of the exhibition. Here is a large flow of visitors. The exhibition is well-organized. One can listen to interesting reports at the conference, which is part of the events programme. At the last trade fair we made about 30-40 contacts, which resulted in the contracts. I think the results of this exhibition won’t be worse, as minimum. I wish the organizers to arrange catering for exhibitors at more reasonable prices. Comparing Photonics with the trade fair in San Francisco I can say that the Russian trade fair is highly competitive.

Andrey Kalnitsky, Senior Representative of Hamamatsu Photonics Norden AB in Russia and the CIS
“For us Photonics is a key event, we have participated in all ten editions. This event completely coincides with our company’s profile and the area of activities. Unfortunately, in Russia there is some lopsidedness to laser technologies, although the notion ‘Photonics’ is more general. Hamamastu is one of the most established companies in the world whose business is connected with everything relating to broadband radiation detectors. This Expocentre exhibition is of high priority for us. Here we can see a great interest in our products, communicate with current customers and find new ones. Our stand is always one of the most frequented and sought-after. For all these years we have developed very good relations with the show organisers. And if we have any questions or problems they are solved immediately. Of course, the exposition has grown for the past years in both quantity and quality. Along with regular exhibitors, there appear new ones. The number of visitors increases every year.”

Mikhail Ivanovsky, Marketing Expert at Scientific-Technical Firm IZOVAC Technologies, Minsk, Belarus
“Compared to the previous editions, today’s Photonics pleases us with much larger number of visitors. And what is especially pleasant, among the visitors there are more and more industry experts showing interest in our company’s products: optical coatings and coatings equipment. Moreover, these industry experts are not only Russian colleagues but also representatives from Germany, China, and other countries. We spoke to our long-time customers and planned to establish new contacts. Our products are in demand. The show organization is at a high level, that’s why we participated, participate and will undoubtedly participate in all forthcoming exhibitions.”

Sergey Khilov, Chief Designer at Laservariorakurs, Ryazan
“Being a regular participant in all Photonics exhibitions, I should point out that Photonics 2015 has moved to a new line. It can be explained partly by the fact that one of the show organisers – Laser Association – has actually led the Photonics Technology Platform which unites all laser trends in the country and gives a new impetus to the development of the laser and optical industries. I cannot but say that the number of those who are interested in our products has substantially increased. A lot of people visit our stand. People come not only to take a look but also ask quite specific questions and submit proposals. Crucially, not only loyal customers come but many newcomers address us. They are specialists authorized to make decisions. We will certainly participate in the Photonics editions in the future and attract new exhibitors ourselves. To this trade show, for example, we brought two companies. They made sure that issues were really settled here and if they are settled, one must participate in the show!”

Dmitry Shustov, Engineer at PNPPK, Perm
“I participate in this trade show for the first time and it has made a pleasant impression on me. We present here not only Perm Research and Production Instrument Company (PNPPK) but also the Photonics Perm Cluster of Fibre and Optical Technologies formed on its base. It’s cooperation of enterprises with unique manufacturing capabilities in the field of fibre and optical technologies and instrument making. The cluster makes fiber optics, FO cables, sensors, LDs, navigation systems, and photonic integrated circuits. We are glad that our stand generates interest among the show visitors. Many of them take interest in our company’s products (we have got several cooperation offers) and in the Photonics cluster. We have an opportunity to communicate with representatives of other companies whose business is similar to ours. We are satisfied with the results of our participation in this exhibition and will undoubtedly participate in it in the future. I would like to wish good luck to everybody who is engaged in this industry, who is not afraid to be involved in the innovation activity in this country, who is not indifferent to Russia’s destiny and its gap in photonics, and who is ready to put the most efforts to narrow this gap, and eventually bridge it.”

Sergey Sokolov, Deputy General Director at Inject, Saratov
“Our company participates in Photonics on a regular basis. This year visitors to the show are very active, they not only get the information and leave. These are contacts with business cards and inquiries. It’s difficult to believe that during a business trip to Moscow you can visit at least a score of companies. Here you can make lots of contacts with real consumers. As a result, we get both orders and ideas for further developments, opinions on the quality of our products, etc. Besides, you can collect the information about the situation on the market. It’s a very useful industry event which gives a great positive effect and virtually allows planning the enterprise operation for a year.”

Sergey Gorny, Director at Laser Center, St Petersburg
“The Photonics Exhibition, which celebrated its 10th anniversary, faced many difficulties. A highly specialized trade show is always a challenge. But in my opinion, organizers, participants, industry experts, and consumers managed to find a good interaction format like the annual event Photonics. This event is extremely important for all representatives of laser community either unofficial association of the industry enterprises or our professional union – Laser Association. I would like to particularly emphasize a crucial role of Laser Association in the development of the Photonics exhibition. The professional event in the laser industry started crystallizing from the beginning of the Photonics brand shaping as part of Expocentre Fairgrounds. It took nearly ten years before Photonics turned out into a genuine forum of the Russian laser industry. Over the past couple of years this trade show has been a very noticeable event not only among laser specialists but also among professionals involved in other industries. By Laser Center experience, the last two trade shows allowed not only to meet colleagues, discuss common issues, exchange research data and developments but also get quite a large pool of customers from different manufacturing sectors. In other words, Photonics has grown out of laser community and become a real cross-sectoral event. I think it is a great success and would like to congratulate everybody who took part in organization and management of the trade show and wish everybody further development and coordination of actions while holding our most important professional event.”

Valery Popkov, General Director at EuroLase, Moscow
“EuroLase took part in all editions of Photonics starting with the first one. Photonics fairly corresponds to the area we are involved in. Here we can meet customers or colleagues – manufacturers and suppliers and refine our plans. As for the organization and management of the event I should say that year by year the show improves and it is very nice. We can see a great progress in security. Opposed to the previous years we can leave high cost equipment with no trouble. The trade show is good because it makes us sit up. At the office we have only phone calls and e-mails and here we have face-to-face communication. One more advantage is a growing number of young people among visitors.”

Anton Semyonov, Marketing Director at Vicon Standa, St Petersburg
“In Russia we present the Standa optical equipment: beam tables, optomechanics, lasers, and accessories. Our company has participated in all ten editions of the Photonics exhibition. We always try to showcase new products to the visitors. They can assess the products’ potential for their projects. Our clients and partners come here. As a matter of fact, in Russia Photonics is the only platform on this scale, where various representatives of the laser industry are broadly presented, among them manufacturing companies, research centres, universities, and consumers. This year’s trade show is of particular importance because of the complex economic situation in Russia, particularly in such an industry which is connected with different foreign production plants. Everyone is concerned about the reduction of the budget and try to find an efficient way out of the current situation. Market participants are seemed to be more active. A lot of interesting promising projects are presented; they can show measurable and tangible results in the nearest future. I am glad to point out an increased number of conscious visitors who realize what they want. There are a lot of old acquaintances among the exhibitors and the companies that withstood the tests of time. They were efficient in the early days and they are efficient now. The present situation is a challenge for all market participants and I would like to believe that most of them will successfully face the challenge.”

Zhu Xiao, Professor, Director, President of National Engineering Center for Laser Processing, Huazhong University of Science & Technology, Wuhan Laser Association of Optics Valley of China
“2015 is an unusual year for us. Ten years ago we first came to Moscow to participate in laser and optical trade shows organized by Laser Association. Out of ten exhibitions we have missed only two due to reasons beyond our control. For instance, in 2010 a volcanic eruption in Iceland prevented us from coming to Moscow: all flights were cancelled at that period. For ten years cooperation has actively developed between your Laser Association and Laser Association of Optics Valley of China. Great credit for it should be given to President of Laser Association Ivan Kovsh. He did much for the development of the laser industry not only in Russia. Our joint efforts have greatly contributed to the development of effective cooperation between Russia and China. We have already implemented a number of joint projects; a few more are under development. Joint laser ventures were set up thanks to mutual support. At present between Moscow and Wuhan we have direct flight connections (largely thanks to our efforts). Such an air bridge promotes the Russian-Chinese cooperation in the field of photonics. With direct involvement of both laser associations there appeared two platforms for cooperation: Photonics in Moscow and OVC in Wuhan. Each of these trade shows has its own characteristics: Photonics mainly mirrors technical achievements and OVC lays particular emphasis on application of laser technologies. That’s why these two trade shows complement each other well (technology + application) and have a promising future. The Russian-Chinese cooperation, based on mutual interest and trust, has already yielded tangible results. A good example is opening of the first joint venture HE Laser Co. Ltd by two laser associations with authorized fund of 2 mln yuans. At the end of the last year the enterprise turnover has already amounted to 120 mln! I find the cooperation between the two laser associations aimed at staff training very useful. For these ten years we have made only first steps on the way of fruitful collaboration. We have great prospects in the future taking into account opportunities of the Russian laser technology and the wide Chinese market.”