Programme of Business-Related Events
Expocentre Fairgrounds, 25-27 March

25 March, Moday

11.30-12.00 Opening ceremony of the exhibition.
12.30-14.00 Public meeting of the Russian Federation State Duma Expert Council on the Development of Russia Innovation System. with the participation of sectoral associations leaders.
Subject of the meeting: Legal Framework for Innovation Activity in the Russian Federation.
15.30-17.00 Photonics in EU member states: Objectives, Priorities, International Projects, presentation
Dr. Holger Junge (Germany), Head of the Secretariat of the European Tehcnology Platform "Photonics21".

26 March, Tuesday

10.00-12.30 Scientific-practical conference "Photonics in the CIS"
Plenary session
- Petawatt Lasers and Their Applications
Yefim A. Khazanov, associate member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, RAS Institute of Applied Physics, Nizhny Novgorod
- The 50th anniversary of the semiconductor laser.
Yury M. Popov, Professor, RAS P.N. Lebedev Physical Institute, Moscow
- Nanophotonics: Current State and Prospects
Sergei V. Gaponenko, associate member of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, NASB B.I. Stepanov Institute of Physics, Minsk
12.00-12.30 Presentation Forum
Modeling the Position Control of the Mirror for the Telescope of the European E-ELT project in OOFELIE: Multiphysics using Finite Element Modeling.
Demkovich Natalia - Senior Engineer/ Bee Pitron JSC, Pascal De Vincenzo- General Manager/ Open Engineering S.A.

Scientific-practical conference "Photonics in the CIS"

Seminar - presentation M.F. Stelmakh "Polus" Research and Development Institute: 50 Years in the Vanguard of the Industry Branch
- "Polus" Reserch and Development Institute: the History of Development and Prospects
S.M. Kopylov, General Director of JSC "NII Polus"
- Laser Gyroscopy
Yu.D. Golyaev, Deputy General Director, of JSC "NII Polus"
- Semiconductor Lasers at NII "Polus"
V.A. Simakov, Chief Engineer of JSC "NII Polus"
A.A. Marmalyuk, Deputy Director General of JSC "NII Polus"
- Information Systems on the Basis of Solid State Lasers in NII "Polus"
V.A. Pashkov, Head of NII "Polus" Research and Technology Centre
V.A. Pryadein, deputy Head of NII "Polus" Research and Technology Centre
- Solid state lasers components development and manufacturing at NII "Polus"
A.V. Shestakov Head of NII "Polus" Research and Production Complex
- Fiber systems for information transmission in the modern rocket-space complexes.
M.M. Zemlyanov, Head of NII "Polus". Department
A.V. Mamin, Deputy Head of NII "Polus" Department
- Multiline laser meter of velocities for traffic control
B.K. Ryabokul`, Head of NII "Polus" Research and Technology Centre,
Yu. V. Abzadze, Deputy Head of NII "Polus" Research Technology Centre

Discussion of the reports
12.45-13.45 Presentation Forum
New Trends in the Optical Deposition Technology - Alexey Kabanov Representative CIS Leybold Optics, Boris Romanov Application Manager Leybold Optics
14.00-14.30 Presentation Forum
"Micromachining with ps-lasers". - Dr. Friedrich Bachmann
15.30-17.00 Scientific-practical conference "Photonics in the CIS"
A New Research and Educational Centre as World-Class Base for R&D in Photonics in Bauman State Technical University
N.V. Baryshnikov, Director of BSTU R&D Institute
V. Ye. Karasik, Director of the Centre
15.30-17.30 Seminar - presentation "Training in the field of laser technologies for materials processing within the frames of a Russian-German educational programme".
Chairpersons: Klaus Novizki (LZH), Anatoly I. Dyomin (Moscow Laser Innovation and Technology Centre - LITC), T.G. Kuzmenko (Kaluga LITC)
- Laser Technology Courses for the Industry
Anatoly I. Dyomin, LITC General Director (Moscow)
- European System of Laser Technology Specialists Training
I.Zionts, Deputy Director of Laser Academy (Hannover)
12.00-17.00 Sessions of the RF Technology Platform "Photonics" working groups (in 2 halls)

27 March, Wednesday

10.30-12.00 Round-table discussion "Prospects for Joint Projects with Chinese Laser and Optics Companies"
Moderators: Prof. Zhu Xiao (Wuhan, PRC), Prof. Oleg Silichev (Moscow, RF)
12.30-14.00 Presentation of the 500th issue of the Laser Inform bulletin.
Round-table discussion "Providing Information for the Photonics Industry Branch"
Moderator: Prof. Anatoly N. Soldatov, Tomsk State University
15.00-16.00 Presentation of Awards of the Laser Association 2012 Competition for the Best Domestic Development in the Field of Laser Equipment and laser - optical technologies.