Press Release Photonics. World of Lasers and Optics 2023

21 / 03 / 2023

17th Edition of International Exhibition for Laser, Optical and Optoelectronic Technologies 

Photonics 2023 is going to be a landmark event for manufacturers and suppliers of laser, optical and optoelectronic products. The show will welcome well-known Russian and international brands, together with young companies, who will present the latest laser equipment, optical products, components and materials to consumers involved in various economic sectors. 

The industry community's interest in the show is confirmed each year by an increase in the number of exhibitors and visitors. Compared to 2022, the showcase of 2023 has increased by 15%. 

Official opening ceremony: 28 March, 13:00, Pavilion Forum 

Dates: 2831 March 2023

Opening hours: 2830 March: 10.00 18.00, 31 March: 10.00 16.00

Venue: Pavilion Forum, EXPOCENTRE Fairgrounds, Moscow, Russia

Organised by EXPOCENTRE AO, the Laser Association

Under auspices of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Floor space: 2,900+ sq m

Countries: Armenia, Belarus, China, Russia

Exhibitors: 160+ companies (list of exhibitors>>)

Foreign companies: Optosky (Xiamen) Photonics, CNI Laser/Changchun New Industries Optoelectronics Technology, Wuhan Jiyuan Technical Service (China), Ermaksan Makina (Turkiye), etc.

Russian companies: Avesta Project, IRE-Polus, (IPG Photonics), Shvabe, Lassard, Lasery i Apparatura (Lasers and Hardware), OKB Bulat, Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Lasercut, Laser Center, LLS, Photon TechSystem, Special Systems. Photonics, leading enterprises of the Rosatom State Corporation: Dukhov Automatics Research Institute, Research and Production Enterprise Inject and TRINITY Troitsk Institute of Innovative and Thermonuclear Research, as well as Russian Scientific Research Institute for Physical-Engineering and Radiotechnical Metrology, Russian Research Institute for Optical and Physical Measurements , Perm Scientific and Industrial Instrument Making Company, Laserform, Sharplase, Elektrosteklo, Juventa Laser, etc.

Newcomers: ADV Engineering, Bari-NN, VL Aseptica, GLP Raduga, Innfocus, Inscience Solutions, Intech Lighting, Pokkels, SM Technics, Quartz Crystals Technology, Photon Technology, etc.

Types of products on display: laser sources and components, laser emitters, fiber optic equipment, laser equipment, test equipment, optoelectronics, nanophotonics, laser medicine, laser equipment for plant growing and environmental management, etc.   

Ivan Kovsh, President of the Laser Association

This show and its extensive conference programme have long ago become the main get together of the Russian laser optical industry, the main working platform for its market participants. The past year required many organisations in this industry to actively restructure their activities, search for new suppliers and partners, build new supply chains, and obtain new approvals and protections. In general, they have successfully coped with all this. Proof of this is the rich showcase of Photonics 2023 with a large number of new developments and a hundred and fifty reports at the 11th Congress of the Photonics Technology Platform on such developments and their applications.

Show highlights 

The Zelenograd Development Corporation, the Skolkovo Foundation, and the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences will present their group stands.

Several companies will showcase new products and developments. 

Research and Production Enterprise Inject will show a laser source designed to automate the mounting of heat-sensitive PCB elements in the electronics and other industries. 

Validation Laboratory Aseptica will present new models of test equipment: a mist generator for visualising air flows, a washer/cleaner validation kit, a clean steam system qualification kit, and a compressed air validation kit. 

Tydex will showcase its new scientific developments: aspherical lenses, microwave wire polarisers, wire polarisers, high-pass filters, an opto-mechanical modulator, a new model of pulsed terahertz spectrometer, and a new modification of the scanning interferometer. 

The stand of Active Optics NightN will present a Closed Adaptive System, bimorph type deformable mirrors and piezo-pusher mirrors.

Representatives from these companies will talk about the results of their technology developments and demonstrate these new products in action, providing detailed advice. 

Conference programme 

The conference programme of Photonics 2023 offers 27 events including scientific conferences, sessions, workshops and panels. Their participants will discuss the development of photonics in the new economic conditions, promising industry projects, opportunities for the cooperation between China and Russia in the field of photonics, HR issues in the industry, and other important topics. 

The 11th Congress of the Photonics Technology Platform will work on all exhibition days. It will include sessions on Semiconductor photonics. Nanophotonics, Photonics units and devices for scientific instrumentation, Fibre optic cables and fibre optic components, Optical sensorics, Photonics test and measurement and diagnostic technology for the process industry, Photonics in medicine and life sciences, Laser macromachining of industrial materials and additive technologies, Metrology support for photonics, Laser micromachining, engraving and marking, Holographic technologies, Laser and optoelectronic information systems, Fibre optic communication lines and their components, Optical elements and components, Photonics in navigation and geodesy, Photonics in agriculture and environmental management, Radiophotonics, Agrobiophotonics, and Quantum technologies.

The central event of the 11th Congress of the Photonics Technology Platform will be its plenary session and a joint meeting of the Council of Head Technologists, the Technology Platform and the Laser Association on Human Resources for the Photonics Industry. The events are organised by the Laser Association and EXPOCENTRE AO.

The conference programme will include the Investment Session on Key Photonics Technology Projects, organised jointly with industrial partners by the Photonics NTI Centre of Competences at Perm State National Research University. Scientists of the Photonics NTI Centre of Competencies will talk about the advantages of photonics over other technologies, security solutions, and the benefits of implementing photonics for businesses. 

Other important events of Photonics 2023 will be

the Assembly of the Laser Association

  • the Panel on Opportunities for Chinese-Russian Cooperation in Photonics

  • the Meeting of the Technical Committee on Standartization Optics and Photonics (TC296)

  • the Panel on Photonics in Moscow

  • the working meeting of coordinators of Russian technology platforms

  • the extended meeting of the Council for Optics and Photonics of the Department of Physical Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences (discussion of the most important results of work of the institutes of Russian Academy of Sciences under the scientific and methodological guidance of the Department of Physical Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences 

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