Russia and China develop cooperation in photonics

03 / 03 / 2017

The participants in the Russian-Chinese seminar held at the Photonics. World of Lasers and Optics 2017 exhibition shared their best practices and discussed perspectives of collaboration in photonics and application of laser technologies.

The cooperation agreement between the Russian and Chinese laser associations was signed in 2006, said President of Laser Association Ivan Kovsh. Our cooperation develops quite successfully: we regularly exchange delegations and annually carry out joint projects.  The president of Laser Association connects new cooperation opportunities with strengthening of efforts in the field of photonics within the BRICS countries.

The seminar was moderated by prof. Xiao Zhu, President of the Hubei Province Laser Association. It is Optics Valley of China where a great number of laser and optics companies and research centers are located.

Professor Xiao Zhu highly appreciated the event management of Photonics 2017 which showed great progress in the laser industry of Russia and introduced many new students thus offering ample opportunities for the Russian-Chinese cooperation. 

We should find new application of laser technologies and promote them by joint efforts, said Xiao Zhu. The ultimate objective of our cooperation within the BRICS is creation of comprehensive laser industry covering the whole production cycle, maintenance and application of laser technologies. At the suggestion of Xiao Zhu, this work could be started with cooperation between Russia, China and India aimed at development of the Indian market and laser technology in that country.

President of the Hubei Province Laser Association offered to back laser developments in the Peoples Republic of China and came up with the idea to establish a Russian-Chinese venture fund for support of the laser industry, R&D, promotion and transfer of technologies.

The participants in the seminar were CEOs of Chinese major companies, Russian and Chinese businessmen and researchers. They discussed priorities of collaboration and opportunities for preparation and promotion of joint projects. 

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