Shvabe products draw keen interest at Photonics 2015 exhibition

13 / 04 / 2015

At the exhibition, holding specialists presented innovations, spoke at scientific conferences and told audiences about merits of their products.

MOSCOW. April 3 (TASS) Specialists and visitors of the Tenth International Specialized Exhibition Photonics World of Lasers and Optics 2015 held at the Expocenter Central Exhibition Center in the period from March 16 to 19 took a keen interest in innovative products of Shvabe Holding, a unit of Rostec State Corporation.

“Ten years are a period demonstrating that the exhibition is needed by industrialists and researchers,” Shvabe Corporate Management Center Head Sergei Popov said at the opening ceremony.

He recalled a landmark event the industry witnessed shortly before the jubilee exhibition. Photonics was given the status of a priority area of national innovative development in early July 2014, at a meeting of the Presidium of the Russian Council on Economic Modernization and Innovative Development chaired by Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

“This inspires genuine optimism and gives a strong impetus to further development of the industry,” Popov underlined.

Eight Shvabe enterprises participated in Photonics 2015 show. Innovative products presented by five enterprises at the collective stand of the Holding drew a profound interest of industry specialists and exhibition visitors.

OJSC NPO GIPO put on display diffractive and aspheric optics, optical coatings and infrared lenses, dimensional phased transmission gratings and large-sized holographic diffraction grating for high resolution spectrographs.

The Vavilov State Optics Institute presented a fragment of a unique raster display for simulation worktables testing software and simulating target environment, a holographic sight containing a lesser number of optical elements compared to Russian and foreign analogues (the device won a diploma of OpticsExpo2014 exhibition), innovative germanium, fluorite and zinc selenide extra-axial aspheric mirrors, and germanium lenses and kinoform structures.

OJSC NII Polyus unveiled a compact-sized laser frequency distance measuring module for seaborne and airborne civilian optical observation systems with a measuring range of 100 to 10,000 meters, laser speed meters for photo-recording of traffic regulation and speed limit violations, and a variety of optical photo receivers

OJSC Shvabe PhotoSystems exhibited capacities of controllable laser thermal cleavage and a series of photo receivers for navigation and thermal imagery systems. OJSC Shvabe Research demonstrated a unique monitoring system scanner for security of vehicles and premises and for detection of concealed video filming and photographing. It was a centerpiece of Photonics 2015 exhibition.

Shvabe specialists delivered reports at five scientific-practical conferences held on the exhibition sidelines, namely, Photonic Nano-Technologies, Laser Diodes and Light Diodes, Photonics Component Parts, Application of Optical-Electronic Technologies, Laser Emission Control, and Laser Information Systems. Employees of Holding enterprises spoke about nano-technologies for laser diodes, super-luminescent diodes and photo receivers, synthesized holograms in optical technologies, laser-optical methods and methods of control of the form and mutual arrangement of surfaces in large-sized objects, high-power solid-state lasers and their applications, diode pumps of solid-state lasers, new creations among them a reflex sight with a poly-functional holographic optical element, optical-electronic systems for remote observation, a new generation of ultra-violet and near infrared photo receivers, laser sensors controlling vehicle speed, and optical-electronic detectors.

The jubilee show, Photonics World of Lasers and Optics 2015, was part of the International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies held by the UNESCO in 2015. The event involved 155 companies from 15 countries.

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