Components for laser and thermal vision systems from Laser Components

13 / 02 / 2015

Laser Components, a long-standing partner of the Photonics. World of Lasers and Optics exhibition, will showcase components for laser and thermal vision systems at Stand 320.

Our company, Laser Components, has supplied different components for electro-optical and laser equipment for over eight years.

We are an official dealer of such companies as CDGM Glass (China) specializing in the production of optical glass, Duma Optronics (Israel) specializing in the production of laser instrumentation technology, and LaserPoint (Italy) specializing in power meters.

  • components for laser machines, chillers, protective glasses and other products for maintenance of CO2 and solid-state lasers, R&D equipment

  • optical elements: prisms, lens, interference filters, telescopes, optical components for Visible and IR spectral range

  • measuring instruments: laser beam power meters, laser beam analyzers, and laser components

  • a wide range of optomechanics: hand-operated and mechanical stages, holders for lens, diaphragms, and optical benches

  • components for thermal vision systems (microbolometer matrixes, IR objectives, and microdisplays)


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