Denis Manturov: Russia will develop additive technologies and 3D printing

17 / 02 / 2015

According to the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, its Minister Denis Manturov has met industry professionals to talk about development of additive technologies in Russia.

“Now that design of new industrial products is getting more and more complicated, soon it can become next to impossible to manufacture details with required strength properties and host of functions using even the most advanced metalworking technology. This problem can be solved by additive technology, which is a new step, even a revolution, in manufacture process. 3D printing is spreading throughout the world. Russia should not lag behind other countries. Application of additive technologies allows reducing the cost of a product, as well as speeding up its design and manufacture. The state, on its part, presented by the Ministry of Industry and Trade and other involved parties is interested in developing this field, giving developers a chance to gain much needed expertise and start manufacture in Russia in the shortest time possible,” said Mr Manturov.

Unlike traditional methods of mechanical processing, additive technologies allow manufacturing a product by building up materials the same way the nature does it. This innovative technology creates a new industry, which helps to ensure technological independence and security of the country.

There are ten basic technologies of additive manufacturing in the world. Before Russian companies primarily used 3D printers made by leading European companies, but now the priority is to develop and manufacture these printers in Russia.

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You can also find more information at the official website of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade.

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