TYDEX Invites You to Visit Stand No. 7113 at the Photonics. World of Lasers and Optics Exhibition and See the Latest Scientific Developments

26 / 02 / 2014

TYDEX was founded in St. Petersburg in 1994. It has been manufacturing research and industrial optics for 20 years already..

TYDEX products:

  • Optics for Spectroscopy
  • Optics for Pyrometry and Thermography
  • Optics for THz
  • Optics for Sensors and Detectors
  • High Precision Astronomical Mirrors and Systems
  • Passive Optics for Lasers

TYDEX invites you to visit Stand No.7113 at the Photonics. World of Lasers and Optics'2014 exhibition, where scientific research results will be presented, for example:

  • Frontal Optics for Ultimate Applications

IR optics is widely used when the tasks like the following are arisen: early and fast detection; day and night panoramic surveillance; security perimeters control; range and visual tracking.

The challenges of these applications dictate special requirements both for a substrate's material and for a coating since the frontal elements face the most severe service conditions.
Any optical assembling here must not only clearly “see” and distinguish a target/object, but minimize the possibility of its own detection.

Taking into account the above-mentioned requirements TYDEX manufacturers:

  • Protection windows for a night-sight and thermal cameras operating at 3-5um and 8-12um range
  • Meniscus lens of thermal vision systems for target-seeking, flight orientation, monitoring and tracking of various flying objects
  • Golay Detectors

Golay Cell is one of the most efficient THz detecting devices. It has excellent sensitivity at room temperature and flat optical response over a wide wavelength range.

Golay detectors are manufactured in-house and calibrated individually. Delivery includes a detector head and a power supply unit. A mount for strip and cut-off filters can be supplied as an option.

For transforming an analog signal of Golay cell to a digital signal we can offer hardware-software complex. The complex consists of specialized software and an electronic unit connecting Golay detector with personal computer through USB interface. It serves for detecting, processing, and analyzing optoacoustical detector signals.

TYDEX offers flexible and competitive prices for high-quality, professionally made products, and regular and timely deliveries.

You can obtain more detailed information from our site www.tydex.ru.

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