Belarus scientists connected a molecule to a nanocrystal to struggle against cancer.

13 / 09 / 2010

Scientists of Stepanov Institute of Physics were offered to take part in the European Project Nanosystems for Cancer Treatment.

The project is aimed at research of chemical processes initiated in nanostructures under laser irradiation. 28 teams from 12 countries participate in the project, the project total cost is about 10 million euro.

At the Institute of Physics there was created a chemical compound of a biological molecule and a semiconductor nanocrystal, Sergey Gaponenko, the nanooptics laboratory chief, corresponding member of the National Academy of Sciences, explains.

The Belarus scientists suggest applying such structures at photodynamic therapy of cancer. The structure is injected into a carcinoma which is irradiated with the laser. Affected by the chemical process, the carcinoma collapses.

Apparently, it is the most science-intensive and intellectual method of cancer treatment.

In Belarus the method of photodynamic therapy has been used for treating several hundreds of patients.

In experimental conditions so far.

It is necessary to study the by-effects very carefully, Sergey Gaponenko warns.

In the world only few medicines are allowed for clinical practice, and the rest medicines which are applied in this area fall under the sphere of experimental medicine.

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