19 / 03 / 2010

The main activities of MICOS are in the field of High-Technology. Meanwhile established on the market, MICOS has become a competent, reliable partner and supplier for industry and research especially for Laser Technology, Microwave Technology, Communications, Semi-conductor Technology and Micro Manipulation. MICOS offers a wide range of fine mechanical components, appliances and systems which are used in the field of Ultra-Precision-Positioning Technology. Furthermore MICOS offers complete optomechanical modular systems for the application in Laser Technology.

Since 10 years MICOS started to develop parallel kinematic systems like hexapods and spacfabs. These devices have the great advantage that the turning (Pivot) point can be varied by software. Stacked axes are on the contrary fixed in the turning point and have the specific problem that yaw and pitch errors are dominating the accuracy of the adjustment. The new designed Spacefab generation can be more compact and enables to adjust 3 rotations with 10 and 3 translations with 25 mm. The high dynamic movement is resulting in short processing times. The repeatability is 1 m and resolution is less than 50 nm. The modular design with standard axes gives the chance to create new spacefabs for specific applications with different travels also in other pressure and temperature ranges, f.e. 77K or UHV.

MICOS products are designed according to the principle of the modular system. An English main catalogue is available. At present our product spectrum contains 300 updated articles (variants). Service, know-how, quality, price and reliability are the main power of MICOS. In the first place MICOS is an established company with excellent engineers and staff members who are motivated, highly qualified and experienced in the field of Motion Control.

From the initial concept through design, test, assembly and production we are available to assist our customers and to find the best solution in quality and price. Motion Control and Light Engineering - two subject areas under one cover with an excellent staff who is prepared to meet the future demands in the field of high-tech. Know-how, service and competent communication are the pillars of MICOS.

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Products: Linear and Elevator stages, Rotary stages, Multiaxes systems and Hexapods, Controller, Optical benches Moskito and Albatros, Laser educational kits, Manual stages, Customized systems and Vacuum stages.

Competence: Lasertechnology, Semiconductor Industries, Telecommunication, Biotechnology, Health Care, Sensors, Space Industry, R&D.

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