President Medvedev Visits IRE-Polus Company, Regular Exhibitor at Photonics Exhibition

29 / 10 / 2009

President Medvedev chaired a session of the Commission for Modernisation and Technological Development of Russia's Economy on 28 October in Fryazino.

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev (at IRE-Polus Research and Development Company) with Director General Valentin Gapontsev
28 October 2009

The main discussion was on telecommunications and space exploration projects

Opening the session President Medvedev listed the key tasks to be performed to implement a number of projects in these sectors.

The first task is to promptly develop the data transfer technologies that should meet the highest speed and quality standards and to apply them as widely as possible. This is necessary for previously adopted projects on grid systems and supercomputers, and for modernization of the Russian information industry.

The next task is to modernize outdated telephone exchanges. The president believes that the achievement of this task will make it possible to add new high quality interactive services to the standard communication package.

The third task is to introduce digital television and radio throughout Russia. This strategic project is expected to enable each Russian citizen to receive 24 TV channels with better picture and sound quality by 2015.

The fourth task is to make use of new frequency bands. This is a promising field paving the way for the next generation of Russian spacecraft, pointed out Dmitry Medvedev.

One of the key tasks relating to space exploration is to determine a development strategy for GLONASS system, particularly where it concerns the end user-oriented services.

The president had previously defined the five top priority areas of work for the Commission for Modernisation and Technological Development of Russia's Economy. They were energy and resource efficiency (including the work on development of new types of fuel), medical technology, modern information technology and software, nuclear technology, as well as telecommunications and space industry (including GLONASS and development of ground-based facilities).

Prior to the session President Medvedev had visited the Space Communication Centre in Medvezhji Ozera and observed the work of IRE-Polus Company.

Russian Presidents website, 28 October 2009, 16:30.


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