Products presented by Laser-compact group at Photonics. World of Lasers and Optics'2009

27 / 02 / 2009
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

We invite you to visit Laser-compact groups booth at Photonics. World of Lasers and Optics'2009 (Expocentr, Moscow, Pavilion 3, booth 3E30, 20-23 April, 2009).

We will demonstrate serial models of UV and green DPSS lasers, including new pulsed laser of YLF line model LCM-DTL-319QT. The laser radiates at 527 nm wavelength and has pulse energy up to 100 J at 1 kHz. It features with optimum set of parameters for OEM: high stability of laser pulse energy in a wide range of triggering pulse repetition rate (from single pulses to 10 kHz) with pulse width <10 ns. Main applications are: LIDAR, high technologies R&D, test&measurement equipment, laser marking, quality control

SLM green laser module with higher output power 50 mW - model LCM-S-111 will be also presented at our booth. It features with low noise (<0.5 % RMS or <2% p-to-p), coherence length more than 50 m, narrow line width <0.00001 nm and stable output power in wide operating temperature range. The most important applications are: laser microscopy (LSCM, MPLSM), interference measurements, spectral analysis, flow cytometry, holography, laser-assisted measurements.


Also youll be able to see at our booth:

  • industrial model of pulsed UV laser for OEM GARNET (355 nm, 20 J at 200-2000 Hz, pulse duration 52 ns);
  • pulsed UV laser system LCS-DTL-382QT (266 nm, 3 J at 1 kHz, external/internal triggering up to 10 kHz, pulse duration < 10 ns);
  • CW green laser DTL-318 (532 nm, 300 mW, noise level < 3% RMS);
  • miniature laser system LCS-T-11 (532 nm, 3 mW CW) with AC power supply for educational and lab purposes;
  • laser module LCM-T-111 (532 nm, 20 mW CW), used for alignment and positioning in different medical and industrial equipment.
Laser-compact group has 17-year experience in research, development and manufacturing of DPSS lasers. At present time manufacturing and selling of lasers is realized by Laser-export Co. which is a part of the group. Application fields of our lasers are: mass spectrometry, laser microdissection, laser microscopy, holography, industrial & medical alignment, test &measurement equipment, high technologies R&D etc.

Please visit us at Booth# 3E30, Pavilion #3 to see laser products offered by Laser-compact group.

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