Enhancing cooperation between Russia and China in laser industry

01 / 03 / 2018

During the Russia-China seminar held at the Photonics 2018 exhibition, a cooperation agreement has been signed between Huazhong University of Science and Technology (PRC), Polyus Scientific Research Institute, and two Laser Associations of Russia and Hubei (PRC).

Addressing the participants, Prof. Zhu Xiao, President of the Hubei Laser Association, expressed confidence that the Agreement would facilitate more intensive use of innovative laser technologies. In particular, the Agreement stipulates the development of the International Laser and Optic Technology Center of Polyus Industrial Park in Moscow.

Prof. Zhu Xiao stressed that "over the upcoming decade, the Hubei Laser Association will focus its efforts on new areas for application of laser technologies". He said that one of the most important directions in industrial development of the Hubei province is the implementation of full industrial cycle "microchip-display-smart-terminal" and elaborated on the development strategy of each cycle element.

"Innovative laser technologies became essential to the intensive generation of electronic information products", Prof. Zhu Xiao said. He provided examples of laser technology application in processing of HD-screens and micro-processing in electronic industry including manufacture of chips, and other areas.

The head of the Hubei Laser Association strongly believes that laser and electronic industries should develop concurrently with the former concentrated rather on basic laser technologies than on more specific industrial solutions. Prof. Zhu Xiao offered cooperation to the Russian companies in this area under the newly signed Agreement. It is proposed that ad hoc task groups will be created to promote new laser projects. Also, the plans of the parties include creation of the International Research and Development Center for development of laser micro-processing technologies and establishment of small enterprises for engagement in projects designed by larger businesses, etc.

Ivan Kovsh, President of the Russian Laser Association, in his turn, expressed readiness to help Chinese colleagues find partners for successful implementation of their plans.

Representatives of Chinese companies presented their advanced research projects which arose much interest among the Russian industry specialists.

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