Construction of standard equipped booths is provided by Expocentre Constructor General ExpoConsta Company.
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Rules for Contractors of Exhibition Stands and Expositions at Expocentre Fairgrounds

  Expocentre requirements for exhibition stand design and decoration

Standard stand models

Samples of Photonics standard stands

Standard No.1
Samples of Photonics standard stands
Standard No.2 (at the order from 15 sq. m).
Samples of Photonics standard stands
Standard stand Packagesq.m.9-1112-1718-2425-3233-45
Carpet color alternatives: gray, blue, red, green) +++++
The height of the stand walls 2,5m ++ + + +
Storage room with lockable (1x1m)-1111
Fascia panel h 0,3mpcs++ + + +
Lighting of the stand: 1 spotlight to each 3mpcs1 spot to each 3 sq. m
Plug socket up to 1 kWpcs11122
Information counter h 1.1 mpcs11111
Showcase h 2.5 m (1x0,5)pcs-1111
Showcase h 1.1m (10,5) pcs-1111
Table alternatives d0,7m, 0,7x0,7m, 1,2x0,7mpcs11222
Soft chairpcs34668
Waste basketpcs11122
Clothes rackpcs11122
Pasting film elements of the stand+++++

In case of the stand is constructed by your own or by the third side the exhibitor or a contract company shall pass the Technical Control.