PHOTONICS 2007 Featuring Breakthrough Technologies of XXIst Century

19 / 03 / 2007


March 13-16, the show grounds of Pavilion 3, Expocentr Central Exhibition Complex, were engaged to support PHOTONICS 2007 2nd international specialized exhibition of optics, laser and optronic equipment, applications, parts and components, the affair being organized by ZAO Expocentr and Laser Association.

The Exhibition enjoys a good deal of backing and assistance from the Ministry of Industry and Energy of the Russian Federation, VDI-TZ (Engineering Center, German Engineers Union), EOS (European Optics Society) and State Science and Technology Committee, Republic of Belarus.

Notably, Photonics comes as a top-of-the-line exhibition for the Russian laser optics industry. It brings together developers, manufacturers, suppliers and end-users of disparate laser optics applications and solutions. The Exhibition not only provides an excellent opportunity for the interested parties to examine the full spectrum of products and services turned out by the explosively expanding high-tech sector but also enables participants to broaden their horizon by way of attending a sequence of scientific activities and functions scheduled for the Exhibition days.

Today, it is not easy to name a field of human endeavor where laser optics would not be of critical importance. Obviously, laser optics applications have been broadly used by nearly any and all high-tech industries. What is more, the ongoing laser R&D effort has been increasingly promoted and funded.

The Exhibition carried most of the photonics-related products and services: optics, optical instruments and systems; fiber-optic equipment sets, tools and components; lasers, laser systems and laser safety features; light emitters, light emitting diodes and lighting applications; opto-engineering assemblies and instruments; sensors, detectors and measuring tools; imaging formation, development and transfer technologies; microscopic, spectroscopic and optic tomography applications; research tools to support assorted bio-med studies and experiments; laser optics to support assorted healthcare tasks; service support and consulting services.

Attending the Exhibition will be more than 130 companies from Belarus, Germany, the Peoples Republic of China, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Russia, the United States of America, Ukraine, France, Sweden.

Given its total footprint of more than 1000 square meters, the Exhibition featured a broad range of products and services from such majors as OCEAN OPTICS (Netherlands), Hammamatsu Photonics Norden (Sweden), Jenoptik Laser Diode, LIMO, Laser Zentrum Hannover Germany), Standa (Lithuania), Solar LS, LOTIS TII (Belarus), not to mention some other high-visibility firms.

Russian participants included IRE-Polius, Injekt, Laser-Kompakt, LOMO, OAO Plazma, TRINITI, GNC VSTROFIZIKA, Lazerny Centr, Center for Laser Technologies and numerous other firms and organizations that total in the area of 80 exhibitors.

Importantly, Photonics 2007 featured a good program of business support activities primarily designed to cater to industry experts and end-users of laser optics applications.

The Program included a large-scale meeting of the Advisory Board on Laser Technologies with the State Duma Committee for Education and Science. To underscore, in the meeting participated members of Russian regional administrations and business communities. Besides, a joint meeting of LAS Science and Technology Board and CIS Board of National Experts on Laser Technologies and Applications was held.

The arrangers held the round-table Laser Technologies for Farming Purposes: Domestic Experiences and New Opportunities. Advanced European photonics challenges and new cross-border laser R&D opportunities offered by the 7th EU framework program were debated at the dedicated round-table with participation of Russian and German experts and talents.

Apart from that, experts could attend the workshops on the following topics Opportunities and Ways for Russo-Chinese Cooperation in Photonics: Legal Aspects and Government Backing, Laser Optics Diagnostics in Healthcare and Laser Technologies and Know-How for Rail Transit Applications.

Best domestic developments in the areas of laser technologies, opto-electronics, relevant industrial lines, applications and derivatives basis have received LAS awards following a competition that was run and wrapped up in the days of the Exhibition.

Clearly, Photonics 2007 is called upon to provide a powerful impulse for the effort aimed to help translate leading-edge laser technologies into marketable high-tech applications destined to support leading industries and social security pursuits.