Laser Technology at Photonics 2023

16 / 03 / 2023

Here is a brief overview of companies, products and technologies to be presented at the Photonics 2023 exhibition from March 28 through 31, 2023 at EXPOCENTRE Fairgrounds.

Professional Equipment for Laser Welding and Surfacing from Laticom

Laticom - Laser Technology and Components till take part in the annual trade show Photonics 2023 and present its equipment MUL, LAT- and LAT-II on stand No.FC030.

Photo: Laticom OOO
  • MUL series: affordable small-sized laser welding and surfacing units for various metals and alloys, including gold and silver, with high peak power
Photo: Laticom OOO
  • The LAT-II series machines are designed primarily for laser welding and surfacing when repairing volumetric and heavy molds, casting molds, dies and other metal and alloy tooling. The units of this series are equipped with a new precise three-axis (X-Y-Z) laser transmitter positioning system. They can also be used for other welding and surfacing work on products of almost any size and complex shape.
Photo: Laticom OOO
  • Laser welding and surfacing machines of the LAT-C series are equipped with a multi-axis laser transmitter positioning system and a parts movement system, which ensure delivery of laser radiation to the required place, allow to create complex welds and expand the operating field of the machine.

Laser technology components developed and manufactured by the company will also be presented.

Since 2007 the company specializes in the development and production of laser equipment based on solid-state lasers. The main directions are equipment for laser welding of metals, solid-state lasers of general and special purposes, as well as units and components of laser technology.

At the exhibition, visitors will have the opportunity to learn more about the developments and technical solutions used by the company and new projects that will be implemented in the near future. You can talk to the company’s top managers, ask any questions and establish cooperation at the company’s stand No.FC030 in the Forum pavilion.

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GN tech to Introduce an Updated Line of Plasma Processing Units

Photo: GN tech

Russian company GN tech and GN electronics are part of GN Group, which specializes in equipment and materials for microelectronics, photonics, optics, and biotechnology.

The main directions of GN tech are the development and production of plasma processing units for a wide range of applications, including photonics and optics. Plasma processing is widely used as a preparatory operation for surface cleaning from residual organic and inorganic contaminants, improvement of adhesion of thin-film coatings, quality of soldering and welding, and modification of surface properties.

At the stand, the most popular on the market mass-produced model of plasma treatment unit in low-frequency glow discharge plasma MPC LF in desktop version with the chamber volume of 12 liters will be presented and its operation will be demonstrated. The localization of components of the unit is 90%, which significantly reduces the production and service time.

The key trend of the company is to ensure delivery of equipment that provides results for each specific application. For this purpose preliminary test processes are carried out for testing of technological modes and recommendations are given for processing of customer’s products. Thus, for the last year more than 10 units of equipment were supplied to the leading Russian companies. The company specialists perform commissioning and testing of the units at the customer’s premises.

Plasma treatment plants have a wide model range and a wide choice of options, but if necessary, the company’s specialists can modify or design a non-standard plant to meet the specified requirements. In addition, it is possible to supply materials and blanks necessary for production of photonics, optics and microelectronics products.

GN tech invites its partners and clients to visit Stand No.FG072.

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NOLATECH to Present Developments in the Field of Semiconductor Lasers, Semiconductor Amplifiers and Superluminescent Diodes


NOLATEKH (New Laser Technology) is a research and production enterprise in the field of development and manufacturing of semiconductor lasers, semiconductor amplifiers and superluminescent diodes. The enterprise was organized in 1992. Doctors and candidates of science, post-graduates and other highly qualified specialists work at the company. At the Photonics. World of Lasers and Optics exhibition the company will present its own products widely used in various industries, scientific researches, medicine, high-resolution spectroscopy, optical communications, etc.

  • Semiconductor laser modules:
    • single-mode Fabry-Perot laser modules;
    • single-mode wavelength stabilized laser modules;
    • single frequency laser modules;
    • tunable single frequency laser modules
  • DFB laser modules
  • Semiconductor optical amplifiers
  • Superluminescent diodes
  • Photo-receiving modules
  • Laser module drivers

These and other NOLATECH products will be available at the company’s stand No. FG022.

POLARUS to Present Ultrashort Pulse Fiber Lasers

POLARUS is an engineering and manufacturing company engaged in the production of ultrashort pulse fiber lasers and laser electronics.

Now the company product line has three picosecond laser sources with different average power up to 50 W and energy in impulse up to 20 mJ. In 2022 the company started development of a powerful laser with pulse duration <10 ps and energy in impulse up to 50 mJ. As additional options we can integrate a second harmonic generator and/or a pulse selector into lasers. POLARUS also adapts laser sources to individual customer tasks, if necessary.

Micromachining of various materials - ceramics, semiconductors, glass, plastics, films, etc. - can be performed on the company’s premises. Demonstration of lasers or performance of micromachining services is possible.

Product line

  • PL Beta
Basic laser output characteristics


Wavelength, nm

1 030/1 064

Average power, W


Pulse duration, ps


Pulse repetition rate, MHz


Energy in impulse, mJ


Application: cutting, scribing, micromachining, marking.

  • PL Delta
Basic laser output characteristics


Wavelength, nm

1 064

Average power, W


Pulse duration, ps


Pulse repetition rate, MHz


Energy in impulse, mJ


Application: through cutting of semiconductors, glass.

  • Laser Control System (LCS): electronics kit

Designed to control and power electronic components of medium- and low-power pulsed lasers, in particular, to control semiconductor pump laser diodes and a master oscillator (SEED).

The LCS kit includes:

  • butterfly-type laser diode driver;
  • seed laser diode driver;
  • high-power laser diode driver;
  • generator of electrical pulses and delays.

All devices have a standard common control bus and a universal graphical interface for flexible configuration.

The devices can be supplied both individually and in any required configuration. More details about the company's developments will be available at stand No.FB044.

Authors and copyright holders of photographic materials: POLARUS

Institute of Laser and Welding Technologies to Present ILIST-M Robotic Direct Laser Growing Unit

Photo: ILIST

The development of the Institute of Laser and Welding Technologies (ILIST) of Saint Petersburg State Marine Technical University – a robotic direct laser growing unit ILIST-M – was created to train students in technological centres of additive and related technologies at universities and enterprises of high-tech industries.

The ILIST-M direct laser growing unit was designed based on the advanced experience of the Institute of Laser and Welding Technologies of SMTU in the field of additive manufacturing of large-sized products from metal powders. The functionality of the machine provides the possibility of its further modernization.

On the one hand, it is a full-featured robotic process unit with controlled atmosphere, independent feeding of two materials, 7-axis kinematics and growing dimensions up to ø600 mm x h 400 mm. On the other hand, its small footprint, ease of use and low price make ILIST-M very attractive for research tasks, development of new technologies and materials, and contract manufacturing.

In 2022 the ILIST-M units were shipped to:

  • LEONOV Moscow Region University of Technology in Korolev;
  • Perm National Research Polytechnic University.

The development of the Institute of Laser and Welding Technologies (ILIST) of SMTU – a robotic unit for direct laser growing ILIST-M was awarded the title Laureate of LAS 2022 by the Laser Association in the category “Laser technologies in industry and power engineering”.

ILIST-M robotic direct laser growing unit was awarded a gold medal in the Best Innovative Project and Best Scientific and Technological Development 2022 competition in the Additive Technologies, 3D Printers, Metal Powder and Composite Materials for 3D Printers nomination.

As of today, the ILIST-M robotic unit for direct laser growing has no analogues in the domestic and world markets.

This unit will be demonstrated at stand No.FE100 of Saint Petersburg State Marine Technical University at the 17th International Specialized Exhibition for Laser, Optical and Optoelectronic Technologies – Photonics 2023.

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We look forward to seeing you at Photonics 2023 from March 28 through 31 in the Forum Pavilion of EXPOCENTRE Fairgrounds.

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