Bauman Moscow State Technical University: Experts were particularly interested in linear-optical integrated circuits for creating quantum computing devices

27 / 05 / 2022
Nikolay Baryshnikov
Director of Research Institute of Radioelectronics and Laser Technology, Bauman Moscow State Technical University (Moscow)

Bauman Moscow State Technical University is a permanent participant in the Photonics exhibition. This year the university was represented both by its own stand and presentations at the conferences.

For us, our participation in the exhibition was an opportunity to showcase our latest developments. We tried to change the format of our stand, and, in my opinion, it succeeded - it looked modern. Professionals were especially interested in augmented reality glasses systems based on our holographic technologies, as well as linear-optical integrated circuits for creating quantum computing devices. These areas are constantly developing at the university, and our visitors could see their significant advance even in comparison with last year's exhibition. I hope that the interest shown and new useful contacts established will have an impact in the very near future.

The Russian optoelectronics industry, like others, is currently undergoing a period of transition, involving a complete reorientation of sources and destinations of component supplies. The main issue under discussion is what domestic suppliers can offer. Prospective characteristics of the Russian equipment under development will be determined by this. In this respect the 16th edition of Photonics. World of Lasers and Optics 2022 turned out to be more opportune than ever exactly due to the opportunity to discuss both the supply of components and variations in their characteristics when the traditional suppliers change, and the prospects of achieving the best technical characteristics of the equipment under development.

And, of course, the traditional strengths of Photonics - hosting a series of applied science and technology conferences. This year, we were entrusted with the organisation of the Holographic Technologies Conference. About 30 people took part in it. It is a good platform for collective meetings with colleagues, where it is possible to discuss many topical issues, including the forthcoming Holoexpo-2022 Conference, which will take place on September 20-22, 2022.

The organisation of both the exhibition and the conferences is excellent, which is great! Let's start planning Photonics 2023! See you soon!


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