Experts discussed promising technology in the key production sectors and social sphere at the 10th Congress of the Photonics Russian Technology Platform

30 / 03 / 2022

One of the central events of Photonics. World of Lasers and Optics 2022 has become the 10th Congress of the Photonics Russian Technology Platform.

The events organised as part of the congress provided a unique opportunity for professionals to demonstrate their new developments, exchange ideas and practical experience, get acquainted with trends and prospects of the laser market development.

The moderator of the congress, President of the Laser Association Ivan Kovsh, defined the Technology Platform, saying that TA is the coming together of science and business in the name of developing the industry in the mutual interests of business and government.

Today there was a plenary session dedicated to the 100th anniversary of birth of N. G. Basov. The idea of creating the Technological Platform - more complete and fast application of lasers in economy - belongs to this very scientist. Much of what he proposed is working today.

The congress began with granting of diplomas to the winners of the best laser and optoelectronics developments that have been brought to market over the past two years. 

Professor Iosif Zubarev, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, leading researcher of the Lebedev Physical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, devoted his speech to the topic "N.G. Basov - Pioneer and Organiser of Laser Research in the USSR". The speaker praised the scientist's work and elaborated on his developments. "Nikolay Basov in 1952 formulated the idea of using the principles of amplification and generation of electromagnetic radiation by quantum systems. He had a fantastic gift of scientific foresight and exceptional courage, foreseeing that lasers would find wide application in all spheres of human activity. Nikolay Gennadievich prepared the USSR's first comprehensive programme for creating lasers," said the speaker.

At the plenary session of the congress, the presentation of quantum frequency and time standards aroused interest. Vladimir Velichanskiy, Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics, a leading researcher at the Lebedev Physical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, described in detail the essence of the phenomenon itself, gave concrete examples and explained what quantum frequency and time standards are for. 

Professor Sergey Guskov (Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics at the Lebedev Physical Institute of RAS) made a presentation Laser fusion: from the idea to the present day. He spoke about the development of this scientific field, which was also proposed by N.G. Basov.

Photonics in high-tech medicine was the subject of a report by Irina Zavestovskaya, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Senior Researcher at the Lebedev Physical Institute of RAS. 

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The conference on Photonics in Agriculture and Environmental Management has taken place within the 10th Congress of the Photonics Russian Technology Platform.

Alexander Aksenov, Associate Professor at the Federal Scientific Agroengineering Center VIM, made a presentation Spectral and laser technologies for diagnosing the physiological condition of biological objects. In particular, he stressed that in the last decade there was a trend in agriculture, such as smart farming, when technologies are aimed at saving resources and getting the highest possible yield at the required quality with minimum investments.

The audience was very interested in the presentations made by the conference participants who spoke about agrobiophotonics as one of the trends in crop production, its prospects and directions, the influence of the spectral composition of light on plant productivity when growing in closed agroecosystems, new chemical sensors based on the combination of biotechnological, acoustoelectronic and optoelectronic approaches. The speakers talked about integrated research and development for the creation and development of year-round production of plant organic products in managed ecosystems, photonics and artificial intelligence systems in solving agroecological problems.

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