An engineering lift as an instrument to improve qualifications in photonics

01 / 04 / 2021

A Panel on Personnel Training for Work with Photonics and its Applications took place within the Photonics. World of Lasers and Optics 2021 exhibition at EXPOCENTRE Fairgrounds. 

In the first part of the meeting, President of the Laser Association Ivan Kovsh presented awards to the winners of the competition for final qualification works, welcomed the panel participants and emphasized the importance of personnel training for work in photonics and related industries. 

Alexander Sergeev, Director of the Office for Innovative Projects Commercialization at the Voronezh State Technical University, shared his experience in developing advanced training programme on acousto-optic devices commissioned by high-tech manufacturing. The main focus was on working out the algorithm for interaction between the enterprise, the fund for infrastructure and educational programmes and the university which prepares the necessary professional development programme. 

Valentina Bylinkina, Director of Centre for Innovative Development of Human Potential and Knowledge Management, continued the event with her speech. She made a presentation on opportunities of an engineering lift, which is already working in Perm and enables the involvement of very young children in the training and education of the technological elite. From the age of 6, children can become participants of the "Photonics Quantorium" children's technopark, and continue their education in a given field both at school and in higher education institution. "The university is training the talent pool of the Perm Scientific-Industrial Instrument Making Company", emphasised Valentina Bylinkina. 

Victor Rulevsky, Rector of Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radioelectronics, spoke about the peculiarities of forming competences in higher education institutions and how to combine competences into one system. The panel continued with a presentation by Natalia Dobrynina from the Perm University and other industry experts.

Press Service, EXPOCENTRE AO