Micro-Hybrid advanced electronic modules, infrared sensors and much more at Photonics 2021

08 / 02 / 2021

Micro-Hybrid is one of the world technology leaders in the field of electronic microsystems. The company has been developing and producing innovative advanced electronic modules and infrared sensors for more than 25 years. The portfolio ranges from the complete developing and production process of miniaturized electronic modules to infrared components and sensors for temperature measurement and gas analysis as well as inertial measurements in railway and rail applications.

As global supplier of infrared measurement technology Micro-Hybrid is an indispensable partner for medical device manufacturers in the current exceptional situation due to the COVID 19 pandemic. The company supplies one of the world's largest manufacturers of patient monitoring systems and diagnostic equipment. The electronic components are used for various measurement purposes, such as respiratory gas analysis and temperature.

The company is the manufacturer producing both IR-emitters and IR-detectors. Our IR sources are, based on state of the art MEMS technologies, NAC, C-MOSI or black silicon infrared emitters featuring true black body radiation characteristics. The very high accuracy of the measurement results is the decisive advantage of Micro-Hybrid IR detectors. MH sensors and components are made for analyzing the concentration of a wide range of infrared active gases and fluids in various technical applications:

  • environmental and technical gases
  • refrigerants
  • anesthetic gases and fluids.

Demanding applications of electronics in fields like power electronics, medical technology, industrial and defence are adressed and enabled by our ceramic multilayer circuits and compact electronic assemblies. Micro-Hybrids portfolio of substrate, assembling and packaging technologies is completed by our excellent engeneering competence to design and develop application specific electronics.

Thick film hybrid technology (based on Al2O3 alumina ceramic) and LTCC technology (Low temperature cofired ceramics) are the technological options for circuits with highest demands on acceleration values, vibrations, temperature ranges and reliability.

Micro-Hybrid creates products with the highest precision due to;

  • extensive research and development investments,
  • a high degree of know-how and
  • a broad network of cooperations.

The companys extensive application experience in core markets such as industrial, medical, space and others enables it to offer individual solutions for measurement and control tasks in difficult environmental conditions. Customers benefit from unsurpassed solutions with significant added value. Micro-Hybrid is a company of the Micro-Epsilon Group and produces in three manufactoring sites in Germany.

Micro-Hybrid specialists will be waiting for the visitors who are interested in their products at their booth FE012 in Forum pavilion.

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