PHOTONICS'2008 Promoting Advanced Lasers and Optics

14 / 03 / 2008

March 11-13, the show grounds of Expocentre Fairgrounds, were engaged to support PHOTONICS-2008 the 3rd international specialized exhibition of optics, lasers and other optics-electronics-related applications.

 PHOTONICS is an absolutely unique project put together by Expocentre Fairgrounds and Russian Laser Association. The Exhibition has been enjoying a good deal of backing and technical assistance from the Ministry of Industry and Energy of the Russian Federation, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, State Committee for Science and Technology from the Republic of Belarus, Ministry of Industrial Policies from Ukraine, Moscow City Government, EOS (European Optics Society), VDI-TZ (Technology Center, German Engineering Association).

Notably, though PHOTONICS was only holding its third event, it had already established itself as a major exhibition enterprise for the Russian laser optics industry. Remarkably, it brought together developers, suppliers and end users of lasers and optics technologies from all across Russia and beyond. In 2007 the general meeting of RUEF members ruled for PHOTONICS to receive the RUEF (Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs) award.

PHOTONICS-2008 provided a new powerful push for the domestic high-tech effort (known to be covering the entire palette of Human pursuits) to be effectively translated into availability of assorted products and developments that could be readily accessible for businesses and healthcare users across the board.

 The Exhibition was attended by over 120 companies from Belarus, Germany, China, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Russia, the USA, Ukraine, Switzerland, Sweden.

Exhibitors displayed a host of branded photonics products and industrial applications, some of the bigger names including Dilas Diodenlaser GmbH, Hammamatsu Photonics Norden AB, Ocean Optics BV, Micos GmbH, ZAO Solar LS and other major firms. Given rather a large number of foreign participants, the Exhibition was indeed a representative affair fully reflective of the persisting trends in the field of lasers and other optics-related technologies.

Russia was represented by close to 80 businesses and organizations, some of the majors including NII Polyus, LOMO, NTO IRE-Polyus, OOO Lazerny Centr, NPC Lasery I Apparatura, NPO Plazma, Lazer-Compact, Electrosteklo, FGUP VNIIOFI, Astrofizika, principal Russian universities (MGU, MGTU, CPbGTU and other prestigious names), regional innovative-technology centers out of Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, Tomsk, Novosibirsk and other large communities.

Now it appears to be nearly impossible to identify a field of human endeavor where lasers and optics would not be applicable and vital. The Exhibition with a footprint of more than 1000 square meters of usable space was featuring the entire range of relevant products and technologies: lasers, laser-related technologies and instruments; optics, electronics and integrated optics-electronics solutions; photo electronics and nano-photonics; assorted optics and fiber-optics applications; light diodes, displays and lighting technologies; optics-based measuring tools, instruments, sensors and detectors; optics-based IT applications and laser communications links; holographic technologies; photonics-derived biomedical equipment applications; optics engineering technologies; maintenance/service support capabilities and consulting services.

Numerous display stands carried a host of lasers, optics and pertinent components/parts. In particular, you can view and examine the latest models of high-powered diode and fiber-optics-based lasers; femtosecond lasers and biometric instruments; precision laser markers and engraving tools; disparate consumer optics and lab instruments; medical and other functional optronics.

Clearly, PHOTONICS-2008 not only rolled out a most compelling set of high-tech exhibits but also enabled participants to enjoy a sequence of activities covered by the relevant business support program.

Interestingly, the Business Support Program featured the 1+1 conference arranged in collaboration with the EU Photonocs-21 Expert Councils secretariat and Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Also, the Russian Laser Association were running its XVIth Congress and a joint open-door meeting with the Rozhdestvensky Optics Engineering Society.

A series of roundtables were conducted by the Laser Association together with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation and Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry to help kick-start or improve training services for laser optics users and promote deployment of innovative technologies in the real sector of Russian economy.

What is more, the Exhibition featured an award-presentation ceremony for the winners of the 2nd LAS (Laser Association) laser applications contest and formal introduction of the Fotonika journal.